COGENCanada CHP Association

COGENCanada Conference Seminar Wed. Oct.15 and Thurs. Oct.16, 2014

Hampton Inn by Hilton Ottawa
100 Coventry Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K1K 4S3, Canada 1-613-741-2300
Price: $800 for 2 days, $500 for 1 day
If you want to attend,

Janis Byers - Sales Manager 613 288 3454
Ottawa Conference and Event Centre
200 Coventry Road | Ottawa, ON | K1K 4S3
613-288-3454 | 613-667-9888 (fax)

COGENCanada will deliver a seminar-conference in Ottawa in the Hampton Inn Ottawa Conference and Event-Centre. The Centre is near down town Ottawa and scenic walks drives and boat cruises.

This event will be a blend of conference and seminar. It will be of particular interest to Economic/Industrial Development people as well as those interested in gas turbine and biomass cogeneration of electricity and process heat. Presenters are leading authorities.

The subject on day 1 will be Eco Industrial-Institutional Networks and Cogeneration. Day 2 will deal with Gas turbine combined cycle cogeneration, maintenance, controls etc Presenters will discuss the advantages of the networks as well as cogeneration and how it fits into a network. Benefits include output from one plant being used as input to another plant. Cogeneration allows what otherwise would be waste heat from single purpose thermal power plants to be used by industrial processes or institutions. Having a single cogeneration plant to serve all processes will provide economics of scale. Sharing utilities will also provide economies of scale. The system can be islanded to avoid shut down if the grid fails.

If industrial or institutional facilities are built within a short distance of each other heat rejected by a process can be used as an input to one of these facilities. This allows what would otherwise be waste heat to displace fossil fuel. This could be done with or without a cogeneration facility but there is a major benefit including a cogeneration system.