COGENCanada CHP Association

Past President, Gordon A. Robb
1855 Beattie Ave.
Ottawa, ON;K1H 5R7;
ph 613 731 6783 fax: 523-7249

Gordon A. Robb, P. Eng., MASME , Power Eng. Certificate, Economics & Financial training. Training - major electric utility generation, transmission; dist., planning; - training program with Canadian General Electric (now GEC). AECL Nuc. Power steam cycles. 12 years Steam Power & Energy, major Pulp & Paper mills with cogen, 15 years Fed. Govt. National Energy Board and Electric Power Group Energy Policy Sector - helped develop cogen incentive since weakened. Many industrial cogen studies + concept designs. Was Consultant to Industrial Gas Users Assn.

After getting a background in the Nuclear and Pulp & Paper industries, Gordon Robb worked for the Canadian Federal Government adding pipline regulation, regional industrial development and energy studies to his strong Energy and Mechanical Engineering knowledge. In 1980, he started his own consulting company doing industrial energy projects, energy cost accounting, pollution control experients and energy studies. Since 1990 he has been organizing and presenting at Cogeneration training and networking seminars a few times a year. Thus far he has put on well over 20 such events. Some events specialize on the oilsands including bitumen gasification. In 2004 he started COGENCanada to be a cogeneration (combined heat and power) networking, training, database and lobbying centre for Canada.

Webmaster, Charles Robb
Keith Quach M. Eng, P. Eng, VP of Innovation and Studies,
VP of Engineering, Joe Zanyk
VP of Technology, Dr. Bernard MacIsaac
Important Advisors, Dr. Herb Saravanamuttoo

Dr. Herb Saravanamuttoo has 55 + years experience with gas turbines with manufacturers and users. He is the main Co-author of the world’s most widely used book on gas turbines. A new gas turbine lab has opened at Carleton U where he taught for years. Joe Zanyk was top Combined Cycle Cogeneration technicalaa person for Dow Chemical world wide the firm with far more Combined Cycle Cogen experience than any other. Was responsible for design and operation of major cogen plants & helped Dow and Destec Engineer the Wabash Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) power plant demonstrating a key clean coal technology. There are many other outstanding COGENCanada people.