This forum will:
(1) Allow Plant members to ask questions, exchange ideas and get help quickly.
(2) Allow Plant members to link quickly to other plant sites to obtain parts the other plant has in stock. E This will be particularly useful case of an Emergency to get your facility up and running
with similar equipment?
(3) Allow members to obtain assistance from world-class thermal power plant experts that are on the COGENCanada Board of Advisors
COGENCanada CHP Association
The forum allows members of COGENCanada to post problems. Other members, who have similar problems, can post solutions or further comments on the problem. Once a problem has been posted initally, it becomes a "thread", a list containing only that problem and posts related to that problem. A master list of threads or problems are presented so you can go exclusively to that problem and its related posts. Every member is emailed each new PROBLEM unless they choose to block emails in that CATEGORY. (Perhaps their plant does not have that piece of equipment.)
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