COGENCanada CHP Association

Benefits of Membership
-Input to incentives policy
-Networking opportunities
-Access to steam user, cogen system and power plant detailed data base
-Training - Continuing Education Units Awarded
-Cogen research and development - help members promote demonstrations
-An annual conference There are testimonials confirming the usefulness of the first conference
Services include
-COGENCanada Digest will provide valuable cogen related information, analysis and news
- Access to the detailed data base information. -Opportunities for people from member plants to learn from people in other member plants. Generators can learn about steam users and visa versa. Info. includes capacity & types of GT & ST, Steam pressures, use, sales, fuels & more
-An advocacy function. -Better Incentives, financial and otherwise , to promote Cogeneration (CHP), better contracting, better connection arrangements etc will be advocated on behalf of members. COGENCanada people have been involved at the federal and provincial levels .
  • -Help with environmental rules including GHG credits trading, emission rules, control.
  • -Substantial discounts for course, seminar, workshop and conference fees. Link with PanGlobal, a coop set up by the Southern Institute of Technology (SAIT), NAIT and BCIT. Continuing Education Units awarded. Cogen technology(world class authorities), expertise in natural gas and other fuel supply, nuclear energy, finance, economics, cost accounting, industrial energy conservation, Eco Industrial Networks, maintenance etc.. The course attendee list reads like a who's who of power and process Industries. There are testimonials confirming the usefulness of the courses and the inaugural COGENCanada Cogeneration Technology and Policy Conference.
    -Facilitate Communication among plants, IPP developers, utilities, generation, transmission, distribution planers, governments, industrial developer etc with help of data base & mailing list
    promotional profile for each member will appear in the Membership Directory on the COGENCanada website. This will help bring buyers, sellers, generators, heat users etc together.
    -Much less fuel used
    -Significantly lower emissions
    -Reduced Transmission losses
    -Enhanced industrial competitiveness
    -Long term firm gas contracts, no HFO with combined cycle Cogen
    -Biomass Cogen systems displace fossil fuel otherwise used for process and power -Biomass Cogen systems emit no more GHG than landfill or incineration alone
    -Less risk of costly plant shut downs
    -Flexible combined cycles provide firm power, peaking power and spinning reserve
    -Cogeneration-based Eco Industrial Networks are the right road to sustainable development
    -Nuclear Cogeneration produces no emissions

    To promote Cogeneration, energy cascading, heat recycling and cogen-based Eco Industrial Networks, COGENCanada was federally incorporated as a not for profit association less than one year ago by ThermoShare. It has a board of advisors including world class authorities on gas turbines, steam turbines, boilers, combined cycle cogeneration system design, operation and maintenance . There is also expertise in natural gas supply and conracts, biomass, coal, nuclear energy, pulp and paper, oil refining, petrochemicals, heat recovery, Eco Industrial Networks etc. It took over a detailed data base of all cogeneration systems, industrial steam users and thermal power plants in Canada developed with help from the Federal Government. The aim is to have all these plants plus municipalities, industrial developers & service providers as members. Cogeneration and Combined Heat and Power (CHP.) are synonyms.

    Single purpose thermal electric power plants reject between 50% and 65% of the fuel heat to rivers, lakes, the ocean or the atmosphere. Cogeneration systems use this rejected heat for purposes such as paper drying, chemical processing, food processing, space heating or cooling (absorption chillers).